Portable Sheds in Batavia NY

Located in Perry, New York, Sheds by Fisher is dedicated to building high-quality sheds for the nearby areas. If you’re searching for sheds in Batavia NY, you’ve come to the right place! Our inventory not only includes outdoor storage sheds but also cabins, garages, and horse run-ins. Every one of these structures can be custom-built to meet your wants and needs!

Buildings for Your Property

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Prefab Sheds in Batavia NY

Space seems to always be something that is lacking. Add one of our storage sheds to your property in Batavia NY, to give yourself that extra storage space that you need. Our sheds in Batavia NY, come in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you want a charming Chalet Style shed or a Lofted Barn Shed for extra storage, we have what you need! Our sheds can all be customized to fit your needs! If you are looking for a shed to transform into a backyard she-shed, these sheds are the perfect fit for you.

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Prefab Garages in Batavia NY

Choose a portable garage in Batavia NY, and park your car, ATV, or lawn mower in a secure and protected place. These sturdy buildings will keep your vehicle protected from weather and vandalism. Customize your garage with a loft space to create a spot for storage. Sheds by Fisher offers durable garages and sheds in Batavia NY, that will last you for years to come!

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Custom Cabins in Batavia NY

Our portable cabins make the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or a guest quarters in your backyard. Personalize your cabin with a large front porch, extra windows, and loft space to create a welcoming and cozy space. You can choose to fully finish your cabin or to leave it rustic and basic. With your new cabin, you can unplug, soak in nature, and be refreshed for the days ahead!

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Run-in Sheds in Batavia NY

Keep your livestock protected with our run-in sheds in Batavia NY! These sturdy sheds allow your livestock to seek shelter in bad weather and enjoy the sunshine when it’s nice outside. Our run-in sheds can be customized to include a storage room for tack, food, or supplies. Add a run-in shed to your pasture and enjoy peace of mind when bad weather comes up, knowing your livestock has a place of shelter.

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Special Features of our Sheds

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Vinyl Edge

Vinyl buildings include a starter strip with an extra lip to cover the bottom edge and seal it off from water.

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Waterproofing Paint

Painted sheds include waterproofing on the bottom edge to seal off the areas most vulnerable to rot.


Notched Rafters

Rafters are notched to improve the stability and structural soundness of the shed.

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Synthetic Underlayment

Our sheds are made with synthetic underlayment on the roof and behind the windows on vinyl sheds.

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1/2 Inch Plywood on Roofs

We make our sheds with 1/2-inch plywood on our roofs and on the side walls of vinyl sheds.

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We can't wait to design and customize your storage buildings and Portable garages for you. All you have to do is submit a free quote for the specific shed you are interested in. We have been building and customizing sheds and barns for over 20 years for thousands of happy customers. Submit a quote and become one of our satisfied customers today.

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