14×40 Prefab Garages

Are you in search of a reliable portable garage to protect your vehicle while also offering extra storage room? Located in Leicester, NY, Sheds by Fisher specializes in crafting storage sheds and portable garages in various sizes, including these 14×40 garages.

14x40 garage in ny

14×40 Garage Styles in NY

Ways to Use Your 14×40 Garage

Your new 14×40 garage will be the perfect place to park your vehicles. You can rest assured that your car is safe when a storm blows through your property. While our garages do a great job doing exactly what they were made to do, there are some creative alternatives that garages can serve as. Check out our ideas for how you can use your garage and start thinking up some of your own!

Car Showroom

Are you into classic cars and enjoy fixing them up in your spare time? What if you had a 14×40 garage that would serve as a showroom for your proudest accomplishment? You know that there is that one car that is extra special. It deserves its very own space to be fully appreciated. In a garage of this size, you’ll have room for the car with some extra space for a work or seating area. You can outfit the building however you like it. You get to create a museum for your piece of artwork!

Indoor Garden

Is your least favorite time of year the winter because of all the grey and cold that’s surrounding you? With a 14×40 garage that is transformed into an indoor garden, you can enjoy the greenery of summer all year long! Insulate your garage and add a heating and cooling unit to keep your plants happy during the winter. You can customize your indoor garden with lots of windows to let in natural light and add grow lights to the interior for the darker days of winter. Say goodbye to the winter blues with your own indoor garden garage!

Science Lab

If you consider yourself a mad scientist, then you need a place to test out all your experiments and test your hypotheses. A 14×40 garage gives you plenty of space for shelves, workbenches, and more! Line your shelves with beakers, chemical compounds, and specimens to add to the aesthetics of your home science lab. This space that is dedicated to your passion will allow you to expand your knowledge.

14×40 Outdoor Garage Prices

What you pay for your 14×40 garage depends a lot on your wants and preferences. If you choose lots of custom options and personalization, you’ll end up paying a lot more. This extra investment is worth it because of the space you will get that is entirely your own. A basic 14×40 garage will start at around $ 9,000. The more options you add, the more the price with climb. The best way to find out a ballpark price is to request a quote for your building.

14×40 Garage Siding Options in New York

Looking for a certain finish for your 14×40 garage? At Sheds by Fisher, we offer you several different options for siding so you can find just what you’re looking for. Our siding also comes in a range of colors. Check out our list of pros and cons to pick the right fit for you!

Vinyl Siding

Pros of Vinyl

  • Low Maintenance
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Pest Resistant

Cons of Vinyl

  • Limited Insulation
  • Fewer Repair Options
  • Fading over Time

Metal Siding

Pros of Metal

  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick Installation
  • Durable

Cons of Metal

  • Scratches and Dents
  • Expansion and Contraction
  • Limited Insulation

Wooden Siding

Pros of Wooden

  • Easy to Repair
  • Naturally Insulated
  • Textured Appearance

Cons of Wooden

  • Higher Up Front Costs
  • Fire Hazard
  • Weathering over Time

Ways to Customize a 14×40 Portable Garage

Check out our custom options and start thinking about which ones you want to add to your 14×40 garage. Whether you want a practical and functional garage with a ramp and shelving, or a more aesthetically pleasing garage finished with flower boxes and a cupola, we can custom-build what you want!



Single Slope Roof

single slope roof

2×3 Windows

large window

Flower Box


Cupola Vent

couple vent


work bench

14×40 Garages- Commonly Asked Questions

Your 14×40 garage is designed for accommodating a single car comfortably. However, in the case of two compact cars, there’s a potential that both could snugly fit inside. Beyond its main function, this garage boasts ample extra space for stashing a diverse array of items. It’s large enough to house ATVs, motorbikes, or kayaks as well as one vehicle. This particular garage size proves advantageous because of the bonus space it provides after parking your car.

Absolutely! Standard one-car garages typically begin at 12 feet in width. With our 14×40 garage, you’ll enjoy an additional two feet of width, providing better accessibility and maneuverability around your parked car.

Selecting the right foundation for your 14×40 garage is crucial for its long-term integrity. The top contenders for garage foundations are concrete slabs and gravel pads. While gravel pads are the more budget-friendly choice, concrete pads offer greater permanence and durability. Alternatively, a pier and beam foundation can be considered. This foundation involves embedding concrete piers or sturdy wooden posts into the ground and then adding beams on them for support.

Where to Buy 14×40 Garages

Do you think that a 14×40 garage is the perfect size for you, but you don’t know where you can buy one? Look no further than Sheds by Fisher for a custom-built garage! We are based in Leicester, NY, and serve the surrounding areas of Syracuse, Ithaca, and Rochester. We are a small, family business that is committed to providing our customers with the best quality buildings they can find!

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