Portable Garages for Your Car

Tired of scraping the snow from your car? Our portable garages are well-constructed and of course, portable, allowing you to move them to the location that best suits you. In the cold seasons, portable garages are a great way to protect your vehicle from weather damage. They also work well as a storage area for items too large to fit in the house. We build our portable garages from high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

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Choose Your Portable Garages

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Portable Chalet Garages

Want a stylish and practical garage? With a design originally derived from Switzerland, these chalet portable garages are uniquely created. These garages are charming and practical and will add a nice touch to your property. Made with quality materials, these chalet portable garages are a staple you will want for your home.

portable garages for sale in ny

Portable Cottage Garages

Looking for a simple and useful little garage? The cottage garages are versatile and practical, perfect for various uses. They work great for various things, like small gyms, workshops, home offices, and of course car garages. We make it a priority to construct our portable cottage garages with only the best materials.

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Lofted Barn Garages

It can be frustrating sometimes to decide which car to park in the garage and which to leave outside. With our lofted barn garage, you wouldn’t have to pick between the cars. This particular garage has ample space for two vehicles and can be used for other storage space as well. These lofted garages can be used for storing heavy machinery and can be made into personal studios, offices, gyms, and workshops.

Special Features of our Sheds

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Vinyl Edge

Vinyl buildings include a starter strip with an extra lip to cover the bottom edge and seal it off from water.

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Waterproofing Paint

Painted sheds include waterproofing on the bottom edge to seal off the areas most vulnerable to rot.


Notched Rafters

Rafters are notched to improve the stability and structural soundness of the shed.

ridge vent

Synthetic Underlayment

Our sheds are made with synthetic underlayment on the roof and behind the windows on vinyl sheds.

12 inch of plywood on roof 1

1/2 Inch Plywood on Roofs

We make our sheds with 1/2-inch plywood on our roofs and on the side walls of vinyl sheds.

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